15 Best Blogging Apps for Android Mobile

Blogging is quite popular these days. This is a great way to share your experiences and talents with the world.

If you are using a smartphone for blogging and are looking for the best blogging apps to manage your blog, then you are in the right place.

However,  in the markets so many mobile apps available for blogging. So here I have listed 16 best mobile blogging apps for Bloggers which can help in blogging.

Best Mobile Blogging Apps, Every Blogger Must Have

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet, used by millions of people worldwide. Although WordPress is free to download and use, however, you will have to spend some money on domain names ($ 10 per year) and web hosts (starting at $ 3).

WordPress comes with great design, features, and maintenance. There you will get complete control over your blog. If you want to start a professional blog, this is the right platform for you.

If you are on a self-hosted WordPress.org platform and use the Jetpack plugin, its mobile app allows you to do many essential tasks such as creating, editing, and publishing blog posts, moderating comments, analytics data Check, etc. Here you can read more about Best Affordable Hosting Provider Company.

Download Link – WordPress app for Android app

2. Blogger

Blogger is a popular blogging platform by Google. This allows us to start a free blog in a few clicks. Most beginner bloggers who want to create a free blog usually start their blogging with the Blogger platform.

If you have a blog on Blogger and you want to create your own blog posts from your mobile, then you should try this app.

Although the functionality of this app is very limited as compared to the WordPress app, you can easily create or edit posts from your mobile using the Blogger app.

Here you can read more about how to create a blog on Blogger.com

Download Link – Blogger Android App

3. Writer

The writer is a writing application that provides a distraction-free writing environment on your smartphone or tablet. It is perfect for everything from notes to writing a novel on your phone or tablet.

Download Link – Writer Android App

4. Google Docs

You can use Google Docs to create, edit, and share documents with others. Docs allow you to:

  • There you can create new documents or edit existing files.
  • You can share documents with others via email.

As soon as you type anything, everything gets saved automatically.
You can also access your documents from other devices.
Download Link – Google Docs for Android

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analysis tool created by Google. It tracks and reports your website traffic (top-performing pages, total users, sessions, bounce rate, where users are coming from, how many new users and returning users are there, what users like to read, etc.).

    • You can monitor traffic in real-time.
    • You can check sessions, bounce rates, new users, and returning users.
    • You can compare date ranges and apply segments.
    • The overview gives your website traffic (including mobile, desktop users).
      Download Link – Google Analytics Android App

6. Canva

Canva is one of my favorite apps for graphic design. I always use this mobile app to create an image that makes it easy for me to create attractive images.

If you also want to create attractive images (featured images for blog posts), then Canva is the right image editing tool for you. You can create great images for your blog without using your laptop.

      • You can use Canva to design anything (like YouTube video thumbnails, infographics, logos, the featured images for your blog post, etc.).
      • You can get over 60,000 free templates.
      • You can use its free image editor for photo filters, brightness, etc.
        Download Link – Canva app for Android

7. Buffer

Buffer is an extremely useful social media managing app for bloggers and marketers. It allows you to publish your content on various social network sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn).

If you want to connect with Reader on various social networks then Buffer app is just for you.

You can schedule your social media posts.
You can analyze your social media posts (based on clicks, engagement, etc.).
With its free plan, you can manage 3 social accounts and create 10 scheduled posts per day.
Download Link – Buffer app for Android

8. Pocket

Pocket, formerly known as Read It later. This is a great way to save all the interesting things that you find online so that you can read later (also offline).

If you are a blogger and do a lot of research while writing an article… then it is easy to forget the research you do. So if you find something important for your article, you can use the Pocket app to read later.

Download Link – Pocket App for Android

9. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app and is being used by millions of people. With Evernote, you can capture notes in text, photos, screenshots, image files, audio, etc. formats.

It syncs your notes to your device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet), so that your information is always with you, wherever you go.

You can upgrade to the premium version to get more features.

Download Link – Evernote app for Android

10. Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where questions are asked and answered by the user. This helps you bring traffic to your blog, grow your audience, and connect with other users.

        • You can ask questions and get answers.
        • You can write an answer by linking your own blog post.
        • You can follow topics and space.

Download Link – Quora app for Android

11. Medium

It is an online publishing platform, anyone can write and publish a story or blog post. If you are a blogger, you can use Medium. This is the best place for content marketing.

You can import your content to Medium and get more traffic to your blog. Now you may be wondering what about duplicate content?

It uses the rel = canonical tag below the import content to avoid duplicating your content.

Download Link – Medium app for Android

12. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard supports all apps and helps you write mistake-free content on your mobile device. It offers hundreds of checks and features.

Also, if you write a required email, message, or necessary Facebook post, you can write with your phone with full confidence.

Download link – Grammarly Keyboard app for Android

13. Pixabay

It has over one million Royalty-free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and thousands of free video clips. And you can use them in your content without attribution.

Download link – Pixabay app for Android

14. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Page Manager is Facebook’s official app, which helps you to easily manage your post content, comments, and ad campaigns in one place.

Download Link – Facebook Pages Manager for Android

15. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is the world’s number one password manager and password generator app. If you are looking for the best way to store your password in one place, then LastPass is the best app for you.

LastPass securely stores your password in a secure vault. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill the login. So, it is one of the most essential mobile blogging apps for every blogger.

Download Link – LastPass Password Manager for Android

These are some of the best blogging apps that can be useful to you and can help you manage your blog easily.

What are your favorite Blogging apps that everyone should use? Have I left any of your best mobile blogging apps? Tell me in the comment box.

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