My name is Abhinabh Saha. I’m the Founder & Author of MoneySaffron.com.  I have completed my education degree’s Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology.  I love nature and always feel the beauties of this world. Also, I’m a techie guy, who loves creating stuff for the internet and loves every new upcoming technology.

I always loved Blogging and writing toward helping others. I am pretty passionate about it. And I launched MoneySaffron.com. It is intended to help others learn a legitimate way how to earn money online and generate passive income.


Since I was studying in college, I knew that working for someone throughout my entire life would not give me the quality of life, I wanted burden-free myself.
In this way, I’ve always been looking for a way to expand my time and start a business that is first and foremost and can make me as high as I want.
I’ve been blogging for over 4 years, where first I started, and I’ve tried different niches, different techniques, and strategies, but as I’m building my career from these, I’ve also learned a lot of lessons to share with you here.

What We Do

MoneySaffron intends to be a reliable resource for people who want to learn how to start an online business, either in a blog, in an online store, or in anything related to making money online. It’s a place for entrepreneurs who want to influence their online business, no matter what type of online business they are thinking.
I think I’ve written in detail about SEO and keyword research as it’s key to the success of many online marketers and bloggers, not just me. Search engine optimization helps people find you on the Internet rather than finding you.

Before I learned SEO, I noticed about spamming on social networks, Facebook, and Twitter. As I said before, I’ve tried different strategies, but knowing this has changed the overall view of the blog. I’m not saying that social network marketing doesn’t work. I love social networks, but I never considered spamming.

The main reason I decided to create this particular blog is to share my experience with others, live with the internet lifestyle, I have my own business, and realize my wishes of helping others. It’s very valuable for me, which I am passionate, the way I am doing the same.

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