12 Best Online Math Tutor Jobs to Teach Math and Get Paid

If you are looking for an online math tutor job from home. So here are Best Online Math Tutor Jobs to Teach Math and Get Paid to you.

Well, you are not alone. Teachers are struggling to find summer vacation jobs for full-time or part-time teachers as the Covid-19 crisis continues. Here you will know “how to find online tutor jobs
Fortunately, there are many math tutor jobs available online.
As more and more students use online tutors, there is great demand.
Whether you are a college student or a kindergarten to high school student, there are many sites that pay you to teach math to students.

math teaching jobs

Teach Math Online & Get Paid

Here are the 12 Best Online Math Tutor Jobs to Teach Math and Get Paid, I listed below that can make money by teaching math and get paid.

1. Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a website where students can receive tutoring in a variety of subjects, including mathematics.
In particular, It’s looking for a math teacher in the following subjects.

  • Calculus
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Finite mathematics
  • Statistics and university-level statistics
  • Before calculation

Tutor.com teachers are:

  • Teachers and retired teachers
  • accessories
  • Professor
  • Ph.D. student
  • Industry experts
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Math Specialist/Professional
  • Scientific Expert/Professional
  • Computer science expert

To be recognized as one of the site tutors, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently residing in the United States
  • You have a valid social security number.
  • Qualified to work in the US
  • Become a math expert.
  • Can teach at least 5 hours a week

A minimum of two years in college or a degree from an accredited college in the United States or Canada.
Good verbal and written communication skills, and fluency in English.

The set amount is paid every hour. This rate will vary depending on the subject you teach, as tutors on the site can teach subjects other than math. There are even incentives to provide high-quality tutoring.

Upon successful completion of the initial application and covered testing phases of the application process, you will be provided with detailed information about the site’s payment structure.
Tutor.com pays $12 per hour, according to a student report on the site about Glassdoor.

2. Chegg Tutor

Chegg Tutors offers online math instruction in a variety of subjects including:

  • Algebra
  • Basic math
  • Senior college mathematics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Business math
  • This site has thousands of subjects that you can actually teach.
  • The site offers flexible math teaching jobs that can be easily adapted to your current efforts.

Chegg Tutors says top tutors earn over $1,000 a month.
Payments start at $20 per hour.

The great thing about this site is that it teaches all student levels, including:

  • Junior high school
  • College
  • Expert

If you want to be a tutor on Chegg Tutors, you will need to provide one of two:

  • Photo of diploma.
  • Student card.
  • Scanned copy of an official or unofficial transcript
  • Confirmation of national student clearinghouse registration.
  • University approval letter or your registration confirmation from your university registration authority.
  • Certification of education or tutoring
  • Other documents certifying that you have been at the university for four years or are currently at the university.
  • A screenshot of the university student portal home page. The student ID and name are displayed.

Not only that, but you may also need to take a test to see how proficient you are in math.

You also have the option to introduce yourself and submit a short video with an application that explains why you are eligible to teach math. However, this is not mandatory.

The good thing about Chegg Tutors is that they get paid weekly, for being a Math Tutor jobs online.

3. TutorMe

TutorMe is a platform where you can teach as little or as much as you want.
The website offers tutoring in over 300 different subjects, which is great!
And of course, this includes mathematics.
You can teach various math-related subjects such as:

  • Algebra
  • Applied mathematics
  • Basic math
  • Calculus
  • Differential equation
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Linear algebra
  • Linear programming
  • Number theory
  • Numerical analysis
  • Partial differential equation
  • Before algebra
  • Before calculation
  • Set theory
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry

To use the site, it is necessary to provide information such as education and work experience at the time of application.
Students can message you directly, or the site can match them with you, which is great.
TutorMe teachers receive a bonus of $16 per hour. Payments are sent weekly. This site also is very good for considering as a Math Tutor Jobs online from at home.

4. TutaPoint.com

Next to the list is TutaPoint.com. This website offers math tutoring and homework help.
That offers math tutoring in a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Basic math skills
  • Before algebra
  • Business math
  • Elementary/Junior High School Mathematics

As one of the site’s tutors, that offers online one-to-one live tutoring services for all grade levels online. Teach your students via webcam on the site’s virtual online platform. It’s also a very good site for Math Tutor Jobs online.
Students can request instant help for homework or schedule a tutoring session for a minimum of 60 minutes or 2 hours.

5. Aim-for-A Tutor

Aim-for-A Tutoring is a website where you can find jobs for part-time and full-time math tutors.

If you’re looking for a part-time math tutoring job, you might want to give the site a try for a Math Tutor Job and get paid.

To get started, you need a computer with an internet connection.

Tutors are conducted online using voice and data conferencing.

Of course, you can teach many subjects through the site, including mathematics, and teach different student levels, including:

  • Primary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • College level
  • Homework help
  • Preparation for standardized tests such as GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT.

To qualify for a leadership position in Aim-For-A Tutoring, you need:

At least a bachelor’s degree in the subject you are going to teach-math or math-related degree
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Some educational experience.
Tutor features suitable for European, North American, or Australian student time zones.
Payments to tutors are not listed on the site, but you can submit the expected payment rate with your application.

6. StudyPoint

StudyPoint offers math tutoring, SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, and more.

You can teach students from kindergarten to high school one by one in mathematics.
Pair with students for longer-term assignments rather than one or two sessions.
You can schedule a session that suits you and your students.

To study at StudyPoint, you need the following:

  • 2 years of teaching or tutoring experience.
  • At least a 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • ACT Composite 28 or 650 for SAT Math and SAT Verbal / CR.

Not only that. You also need to have at least 6 hours free to teach your students. You will also be asked if you are free on weekdays and weekends.
According to Glassdoor’s report by the site’s tutors, they earn $26 an hour.

7. Yup

Yup is an on-demand math tutor app. Designed specifically for students who need math instruction. So it’s a great place to find a job as a math teacher.
Yup offers tutoring in the following courses:

  • Early mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability
  • Before calculation
  • Calculus AB

If students need math help, they can take a picture of the problem and connect it to a tutor for one-to-one support.
The entire tutoring process takes place on student phones, and tutors work from their desktops via Yup’s web platform.
The good thing about Yup is that you can work when you need it. This is great.

The application process involves several different elements:

  • Written application
  • Math ability test

An educational exam designed to mimic a tutor session.
Yup pays monthly via direct deposit or rights to your PayPal account. Unfortunately, tutor salaries are not listed on the site. If you apply for one of the app’s tutors, you will be shown detailed information about your wages.

8. Skooli

Skooli hires math teachers to teach a variety of subjects including:

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Statistics

The great thing about this site is that you can set your own schedule. You can accept the session when you need it. All you need to do is log in and go online when you are free to accept instant sessions.

To qualify as a tutor at Skooli, you need at least one of the following:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • The government issued an education license.
  • Professional instructor qualifications like math certification.

Not only that. You also need to get a clear national-level criminal reference check.
Set availability, double-check your background and profile picture, and list your profitable courses in your profile so you can get started.
You can then accept a brief help request online and begin tutoring one-on-one students in the Skooli Online Classroom.
That you can earn $25 per hour as one of the site’s tutors. That’s pretty good paying for online math tutor jobs.

9. Manhattan Prep

If you’re looking for a well-paid online math tutor, all you have to do is look for Manhattan Prep.

With rates of $106 to $116 per hour and year-end bonuses, this is one of the most highly paid tutoring companies in the world.

Besides high pay, websites offer a lot of flexibility. You can set your own schedule and work around 3 hours a week if needed.

Not only that, but you can also use and modify the site curriculum as needed.

Browse the site’s jobs to see the requirements for becoming a company tutor.

Manhattan Prep is a test preparation company, so we offer:

  • GMAT private instruction
  • GRE private instruction
  • GRE preparation tutoring

Therefore, there are jobs available for anyone looking for a math tutor.

10. Wyzant

Wyzant connects tutors with students who need a one-to-one tutor. The nice thing about this website is that you can select students and set their own schedules. That is wonderful
Not only that.
The website also allows you to set your own pay rate. It’s always good because you have more control over your revenue. You can also set up a bank transfer to receive fast and secure payments.

List your services on Wyzant and build and manage your own tutoring business. Therefore, this site is a little different from the other sites on this list.
You can teach over 250 subjects and test your preparation on the site.
Wyzant allows students to schedule tutoring in-person and online. This means that you can find many online tutoring jobs through the site.

Create profiles for free, including photos, videos, student reviews, and more. Students can review your profile and choose to hire you.
Just create a profile and students will get in touch.
Wyzant says that top tutor earns $50,000 a year.
The website charges the student for your service and then deposits the payment directly into your bank account.
On average, they earn $36 an hour, according to reports from tutors on Glassdoor’s site. But they can earn anywhere from $16 to $81 an hour!

11. Preply

Preply is a website that brings together tutors who want to teach online and students who want to tutor online.
You can create a profile on the website. This is visible to students in search results. You can also get a custom domain to promote your service online.

Students can view their profiles and choose to book a lesson with you. Alternatively, students can sign up for offers posted on the site.
Preply claims that the most popular tutors earn up to $550 a week as online math tutoring jobs.
The great thing about this site is that you can set your own rate, which gives you more control over your income. You will be paid to your bank account or other wallets of your choice.

My concern with Preply is that he says “Preply takes 100% of the first lesson payment for all new students.”
This basically says that for every new student you tutor, you need to teach the first lesson for free. I don’t think it’s particularly fair. I think if you are working you should be paid for it.

Reply wants one tutor to continue working with the same students, so I think you’ll be charged a reason to pay a 100% commission rate when teaching new students. But still, it doesn’t seem fair to a tutor.
Therefore, Preply appears at the bottom of the list.

For all lessons that follow, you pay 18% to 33% of the commission on your site.
The fee depends on the number of hours you spend with the student.
The site says the more you tutor, the less commission you pay.

12. Brainfuse Online Tutoring

Brainfuse Online Tutoring, this website allows you to hire a math tutor to teach a variety of subjects online, including:

  • Basic math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Linear algebra

If you want to be a tutor in your company, you need to:

  • Lives in America
  • Master’s degree or above
  • Experience in prior instruction or tutoring
  • Submit for background check

The selection and training process is fairly extensive, with background checks, reference checks, multiple screening interviews, skill tests, and extensive preparation.

How to Become an Online Math Teacher?

Each location has its own criteria that the applicant must meet.
That is, one website may need to earn a master’s degree and another website may only need a bachelor’s degree.
Other sites look for experience, some do not.

In most cases, you will need a maths degree. However, a degree is not required for every job.
Some websites offer jobs to those who do not yet have a degree but are currently enrolled in a degree program.
It is important to read the requirements of a particular website before applying.

If you don’t have a degree, we encourage you to look for a freelance job listing site that offers services. There you are more likely to find tutoring online math tutor jobs that do not require a degree.

How Much is an Online Math Teacher Gets Paid?

As you can see in the numbers above, salaries vary by location.
Some sites are paying more money than others.
Therefore, it can be difficult to show the exact amount of income.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the Pay-Scale Income Report by Online Tutors.
According to the numbers listed there, online tutors average $19 an hour.
However, salaries range from $15 to $20 per hour.

Well, you’ve seen above that some of the websites I mentioned like Manhattan Prep pay far more than $20 per hour.
Therefore, it really depends on the website you work for. There is no reason not to earn part-time or full-time income by teaching math online.

With so many online maths tutor jobs, there’s no reason why you can’t get a job from your own home and make money. It’s great to work from home and to teach knowledgeable subjects.

If you are thinking of teaching math as a Math Tutor to Teach Math and Get Paid online from home or anywhere, so you can try any out of these websites for 12 Best Online Math Tutor Jobs to Teach Math and Get Paid.


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