Can Money Make You Happy?

We used to listen mostly about how money cannot buy happiness. Still, in reality, all of us spend money and for most of us, it has limited resources. How can you use hard-earned money in a way that maximizes happiness?

Do you remember the feeling of freedom that you had as a kid on a warm summer night, the grass under your bare feet, and not having to go to school the next day? For me, being happy is being free, like those summer nights.
We all want to be happy, the feeling of connecting with others and being deep within ourselves. It is very easy to understand physiologically. A chemical reaction takes place in the brain, serotonin is released, and we feel the boom is amazing. It has more complicated, both emotionally and mentally.

But how does money affect your happiness? Money and happiness studies show that salary can affect well-being up to $ 70,000 and then peak at $ 145,000. This means people will be happier until they earn $ 145,000, after which they will level off. This may be true for the participants in the study, but not for everyone and I believe it doesn’t apply to many people.

Can Money Make Your Happiness?

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Absolutely! Money can make you happy when we see a simple fact that it makes us happy when we make much money. But it’s not as simple as seems, there are many stories of unfortunate there are true for those people who have made a lot of money, but still, finds joy in their lives. You don’t need money to be happy, but it can make you happy.

More income, more savings, and more investment will help you lead a richer life. And a richer life generally makes you happy. Happiness mostly has personal and If you are already happy then money can amplify your happiness very sure. If you are not yet happy, money will only provide a temporary escape from your inner well-being.

When I earned more money in my life, to be honest, somehow I was happier. But money is the only factor and means, there is the reason I’m happy is that I have more control over my time. In other words, you can do what you like, spend time with someone you like, and can be happy. When you know how to use it, you can actually spend money to maximize your happiness.

Why Money Makes You Happy

Here’s the best way to make you happier by making more money:-

  • Less Worry and Stress
  • Gives Freedom to Fulfilled Your Wishes
  • Greater Experience of the Life
  • Burden free about How to Spend Your Money
  • Best Optimization of Your Time
  • A celebration of every Happy Moment with your Family
  • Opportunity to Help and Giving Back to the Needy

To understand how money can make you happy at a deeper level, I think we need to look at two different types of happiness-short-term and long-term.

Short-Term Happiness

Short-Term Happiness Comes from Finding the State of Your Flow.

Did you know that you can sit on the beach with a cold beer and feel one with the world? How do you feel after seeing your favorite DJ or band and walking in the refreshing air after the show? How do you feel when you can’t have such a good conversation? Or how do you feel when you buy a new product or new car?

That is your flow state. When you are happy. Finding the state of your flow will make you happy, but it’s still fleeting. One way to maximize your happiness is to find your flow condition daily or as often as possible. It’s about doing what you like, this is a good form of short-term happiness.

Unfortunately, much of people’s culture links happiness with consumption. But temporarily when we buy things to get the happiness that rarely lasts on the surface level.
Making more money can open up more time and freedom to experience the condition of your flow. Money is free as long as you can control how it is used.

Long-Term Happiness

Long-Term Happiness Comes from Finding a Purpose and Exploring your Passion

Going out and buying short-term happiness is very easy, but you need to create long-term happiness. As human beings, we all seek and demand essentially the same to live a happy life – Community, Loyalty, Love, Excitement, Curiosity, Passion, and Peace. There is how to lead a fulfilling life, you can see Maslow’s Theory in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

In essence, living a happy life means having a more enjoyable, richer, and more meaningful experience. It has also meant living a life full of meaning, passion, and purpose ways.
The more money you earn, the more time you will be freed to follow your true passion, for example, sharing a passion for helping others’ personal finances.

You can also spend a lot of time traveling the world with your wife, spending time with friends, and exploring other projects that will satisfy you and this makes me happy too.

I know that my long-term well-being has nothing to do with making money, but with the exploration of the freedom and connections it offers. I made enough money every single day by the Stock-Trading with house mistakes too, and it took me a while to learn this, money can only make you happy if you also work in other areas of your life. I feel very relaxed and happy.

I feel my happiness is not the result of direct money, it is the result of a peaceful mindset, maximizing our value, nice contacts, and of course, the charms day of the insane bull market (Stock market speculator) over the last five years. I sincerely believe that most people can escape from their living salaries, pay their salaries, and spend their money to lead a richer and happier life.

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