12 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers near Me (Earn $500/mo)

Plasma donation helps many people. When you donate plasma, it will be used to treat adults and children with Leukemia or Blood Cancer. Victims of life-threatening burns and people undergoing liver or bone marrow transplants also require plasma from healthy donors.

When you donate plasma, you are actually giving these people a glimmer of hope for a new life, while bringing some support to their families.

At the same time, plasma donations will benefit you as well. You can make some money every month as a plasma donor.

Plasma donate and get paid

What is Plasma?

If you’re considering donating blood, you’ll probably come across the term “plasma.”
Plasma is only part of the blood.
It is a very important component because it cannot be synthesized.
It can only be taken by healthy adults.
Demand for plasma is high because it cannot be produced and many companies require it for the manufacture and treatment of pharmaceuticals.
Plasma is a yellow liquid that makes up about 55% of total blood volume. You can donate plasma at centers nationwide.

What is the Donated Plasma Used for?

Donated plasma is used to make treatments for various conditions and diseases such as autoimmune diseases and hemophilia. It can also be used to treat trauma, burns, shocks, and other emergencies medical care.
Therefore, donating plasma can help people in need in different ways.

How Often Can I Donate Plasma?

Now, if you are eligible to donate plasma, you may be wondering how often you can donate.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows you to make two donations in 7 days. Also, donors should wait at least 48 hours between donations.

For example, if you donate on Wednesday, you can donate again on Friday.

This means that you can only donate plasma twice in 7 days.

Donate and Get Paid?

Yes. Donate plasma and get paid. In reality, the Plasma Center does not pay you for the plasma, hence you are donating it.

Instead, they compensate you for the time, effort, and expense of traveling to donate plasma. And they round it off with generous incentives, ensuring you stay healthy as you return to the much-needed plasma donation.

Not surprisingly, these payments attract thousands of Americans to donate plasma. Give it anyway, so it’s natural to visit the highest paying plasma donation centers near you.

Considering how to find “highest paying plasma centers near me”?

Below we have outlined some of the best plasma donation centers that pay.

We will tell you how much each center will pay and will guide you to the right place so that you can donate plasma and can start making money.

The highest plasma donation center

There are several plasma donation centers in the United States. You can make the most of your time and effort, here is a hand-picked list of the most expensive plasma donation centers near you.

1. CSL Plasma Inc.

CSL Plasma Inc. is one of the best human plasma collectors in the world. They supply plasma to several hospitals throughout the United States, and often to healthcare facilities in some countries.
As a regular plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month from CSL Plasma Inc. They deposit money into prepaid debit cards.
CSL Plasma will also award iGive points for each plasma donation that can be redeemed for additional cash.
Click this link and enter your zip code to find your nearest CSL Plasma Collection Center.

2. BioLife Plasma Services

Bio-Life Plasma Services is part of Takeda, a global biotechnology company specializing in the treatment of rare and life-threatening diseases.

The company operates several plasma donation centers throughout the United States and Austria.

Twice a week you can donate plasma at your local BioLife Plasma Service Center. The company offers you BioLife reloadable debit cards to deposit money to pay your time and effort.

The company pays $20 to $50 per visit depending on various factors. It takes about 30 minutes at the BioLife Plasma Service Collection Center after the first donation.

You can easily find your nearest Plasma Donation Center on the BioLife Plasma Services website.

3. BPL Plasma

BPL Plasma is part of Bio Products Laboratories, a UK-based biotechnology company. They pay active donors up to $300 each month.

BPL Plasma has dozens of plasma centers throughout the United States. Booking your first plasma donation is easy.

You can earn more through the BPL Plasma Referral Program. This means that you can invite relatives and friends to donate Plasma to BPL Plasma.

When the invitees donate plasma, they receive full rewards while earning additional cash as a referral bonus. There is also a Buddy Raffle program that offers $100 to $200 per month in rewards.

Your relatives and friends who accompany you will also be able to participate in the lottery drawing if you donate plasma. The first prize is $200, the second prize is $150, and the third prize is $100.

BPL Plasma operates in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Omaha, Ohio, Texas.

Search Google’s “BPL Plasma Donation Center Near You” for results based on your location.

Or Click this link and enter your zip code to find your nearest BPL Plasma Donation Center.

4. Octapharma Plasma

Octaplasma has a special promotion that offers first donors $50 compensation for their first five donations. And that’s added will be $250.
They also have an OPI Rewards + Loyalty Program that allows regular donors to make some extra money, and their referral program provides yet another way to increase your income.
In addition, each Octapharmaplasma Plasma Donation Center offers special promotions and offers higher rewards in the form of money and attractive gifts.

Overall, you can earn up to $400 per month as a plasma donor, depending on the frequency of donations and promotions over time. However, it is worth remembering. Such promotions are not always available.

Therefore, it may be necessary to check with the Octaplasma Plasma Donation Center about the donor’s current compensation rate.
Their website has resources where you can find the Octaplasma Plasma Donation Center near you. They have a strong presence in Idaho, Texas, Indianapolis, Washington, and California, expanding their networks.

5. Physicians Plasma Alliance

Physician Plasma Alliance is one of the most expensive plasma donation centers. The company is conducting research using plasma to find cures for diseases.

Location: Johnson City, TN, and Berkeley, CA

They pay Up to $500 per donation if you qualify the eligibility terms process.

6. KedPlasma

You can donate plasma in 18 centers in various states run by Kedplasma US. Their website doesn’t say how much money you will receive in compensation.

Their website clearly states that each center has its own donor compensation policy. There, you will need to check with the plasma donation center near you how much money you can get and other details.

However, independent reviews on the internet indicate that Kedplasma US pays around $ 400 per month at various centers.

You will receive the money in the form of a Wirecard prepaid card. The company will credit your prepaid card on each successful plasma donation.

Kedplasma US offers a special program – Anti D – for people who live around Buffalo, in the New York area and have a negative blood type.

To qualify, you will need to meet specific criteria set by the company. Your plasma can prove useful in saving children’s lives.

There is no specific information on donor compensation under Anti D.

Find your nearest center: Click on this link to Kedplasma contact details.

7. B Positive Plasma

Positive B Plasma claims it pays $ 500 per month to plasma donors. However, the website hastily adds that you can earn $ 500 monthly by donating plasma and successfully inviting relatives or friends as donors.

The great thing is that an offer called the 5×50 promotion is available to first-time donors. For each of your first five donations, you will earn $50 for each donation.

The company also offers a referral bonus of $20. Just introduce your friends and you can make money when they make their first plasma donation.

They have plasma donation centers in the states of Maryland and New Jersey. You will receive a preloaded rechargeable debit card to receive payments after each plasma donation.

Find your nearest center: Click on this link to B Positive Plasma booking details.

8. Grifols/Biomat USA

The Grifols website does not mention the amount they pay plasma donors.

According to research from independent sources, you can get about $200 a month as a regular donor and about $200 a month for successful referrals.

However, most American states have plasma collection centers.

Points to be Noted

Plasma collection centers follow very strict standards. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read and follow all instructions before donating plasma.

If in doubt, consult your GP. Donating plasma can help save your precious life, but if you don’t follow strict guidelines, you can be in trouble yourself.

Click on this link and enter your zip code to find your nearest Grifols Plasma Donation Center.

9. ImmunoTek Bio Centers

There is no information on how much Immunotek pays plasma donors on the company’s website. However, they do offer a $ 20 coupon for every successful referral you make. The company operates 29 centers in the United States.

Find your nearest donation center click on this link Immunotek/locations.

10. GCAM Plasma

Texas, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Indianapolis are the five states in which GCAM Plasma operates plasma centers.

They pay $25 to $30 per plasma donation, depending on various factors.

Residents of Canada and Mexico can also donate plasma to the center to make money.

The company also runs a loyalty program to return donors.

Find your nearest center click here GCAM Plasma/location.

11. ADMA Bio Center

The ADMA Biocenter is an FDA-approved facility that specializes in collecting human plasma. They strive to provide the best donor comfort.

There are two locations in Georgia and Tennessee

Payments: ADMA Bio-Center donors can pay up to $400 per month. And coupons are also available to earn additional rewards on a promotional basis. The amount of compensation differs depending on the region.

Find your nearest center click here ADMA bio Center Plasma Donation.

12. Interstate Blood Bank, Inc.

Earnings: $30 to $50 for the first two donations. Subsequent donation payments will be based on weight.
Payment method: Paysign
Location:  Offices have in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.
Our study goes into more detail about donating blood at the Interstate Blood Bank.

If none of the above plasma donation centers have a location near you, you can also check the details of your local plasma donation center. Find the nearest interstate blood bank.



There is also a more way to earn money by donating plasma in hospitals, that have plasma collection facilities and are in urgent need. This is only possible if you have a negative blood group or the plasma of a particular blood group is not available for emergencies.

At the same time, plasma donations will benefit you as well. You can earn extra money every month as a plasma donor. You can try any one these 12 ways the highest paying plasma donation center near you.

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