Best Ways for Selling Breast Milk Online and Earn $1,000 Per Month

If you check online, you may come across a list of moms selling breast milk to other moms. If you are wondering is this a legit thing? Then ever heard of London’s BabyGaga? Probably not. It is an ice cream brand that is very controversial and has been in and out of business more often than any other retailer. The reason? BabyGaga sells ice-cream made from human milk or breast milk.

And BabyGaga will pay women who sell their breast milk for esoteric ice cream. There are no BabyGaga outlets in the US. However, any healthy woman can sell her breast milk and probably earn up to $ 1,000 per month. Or might be more. Let’s know about selling breast milk online and what’s should you consider for this.

how to sell breast milk

Why Sell Breast Milk?

Of course for the money. But wait, there is another reason why you should sell breast milk or human milk even it is more compelling in terms of making money.
Between two and six percent of all women in the world cannot breastfeed while an equal number have Agalactia or a condition that causes them to produce insufficient milk to feed their newborn babies.

Certainly, such mothers have two options: feeding their newborns with infant formula — an artificial version of human milk. Or give them breast milk from other women.

Medical and scientific research proves that breast milk is first best absorbed by newborn babies. And it keeps them healthy while promoting growth in proper ways.

Many doctors recommend breastfeeding as the ideal method for breastfeeding because it digests and absorbs breast milk rather than prescribes it. In fact, some studies have linked three childhood health problems to milk-fed babies: atopy (including asthma, eczema, allergies), diabetes, obesity.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, breast milk contains a “perfect combination of protein, fat, vitamins, and carbohydrates.” It also contains white blood cells, which are living cells that help fight infection.

When you sell breast milk, you are also helping some moms to provide the best nutrition available for their newborns. And you have the opportunity to make money too.

If you are a lactating mother and considering selling breast milk online, here’s how you can earn probably $ 1,000 or more per month.

Where to Sell Breast Milk Online

If you are the best candidate to sell breast milk- a healthy mother who produces more milk than your baby needs-there is a website just for you. You can select those that suit your convenience and pay more.

1. Hospital

Intensive medical units in various hospitals in the US require 70 million ounces of breast milk every year. This adds up to a fairly large amount.

In the meantime, these health facilities will post requirements for breast milk on their website or welcome vendors. You can try any of these hospitals and clinics at your location.

2. Human Milk 4 Human Babies

HM4HB is a global network that is known as Human Milk for Human Babies. They have a Facebook page with contact details.

Therefore, you can contact HM4HB and register as a breast milk seller. They will collect your milk or ask you to go to the nearest center for this purpose.

3. Human Milk Banking Association of North America

The Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) operates about 30 milk-banks, as they are known in various places in the US.

Mother Milk Bank of Florida and New York Milk Bank are HMBANA members. So you can sell breast milk in any of their milk banks.

4. Only the Breast

Only Breasts is an online community for moms to sell and buy breast. You can register as a seller on their website. To sell breast milk, register as a member for breast only.

Upon successful registration, you can post a classified advertisement with details such as your location and quantity of milk. Breast only helps you find buyers within your city or location.

5. Mother’s Milk Cop

Mother’s milk coop purchases milk, but has many terms and conditions. For example, they did not spend your milk for transportation, freezing, or occasional expenses.

So you can read the terms and conditions on their website and check if they are a good option. The Mother’s Milk Cooperative works to provide breast milk to mothers at various locations across the US.

Who Can Sell Breast Milk?

Should you decide to sell breast milk, it is extremely important to qualify. Since neonates or newborn will consume your breast milk, each organization has very strict rules for vendors and donors. There is a specific process that you must have to follow.

Medical Certificate or Examination

Most likely, you will have to obtain a certificate from your doctor or undergo a medical test to ensure that you are qualified to sell breast milk.

This test will include various factors such as a history of infectious diseases, general health, levels of iron, folic acid, and other nutrients in your body and sometimes, tests for diabetes and thyroid disorders and of course, breast cancer.

Therefore it is very important to meet the specifications set by the buyers for selling breast milk. And it also ensures you to have good health. Because breast milk contains many nutrients that are necessary for newborn babies.

Apart from this, your health is also important. Therefore, a milk bank will buy your breast milk only when they know that you enjoy excellent health. Therefore, taking a medical test is the best option.

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Breast Milk Quality

The quality of your breast milk is determined by milk-banks and buyers. Typically, a milk bank tests your breast milk either for a small fee or sometimes, for totally free of cost.
I recommend you try to improve the quality of your breast milk before registering as a seller. This means that you can easily qualify.

According to reports, your genes or ethnicity also determine the quality of your breast milk. I suggest that you read this article carefully before enrolling as a seller or donor.
Obviously, the milk-bank or buyer will test the quality. However, for your own safety, it is better to learn a little about these factors.

Based on Your Location

Your location also matters a lot when selling breast milk. Because most buyers prefer fresh breast milk over stored or frozen varieties. Therefore, check if there is a milk-bank in your area or find the nearest one and contact them for details.

As I mentioned earlier, some milk-banks may not pay the cold and related costs for your breast milk. In order to earn more money, it is important to consider these factors as well.
Above all search for links to milk-banks and other resources above to check more details and milk-banks or buyers in your area.

Price of Your Breast Milk

An ounce of breast milk sells for anything between $ 1 and $ 6 each. However, most buyers will pay between $ 1 and $ 3 for an ounce.  You can get up to $ 6 per ounce for breast milk If in urgent need of some ICU requires.

Generally, a newborn baby consumes 25 ounces or about 750 ml of breast milk in a day. Therefore, you can sell extra breast milk.

A healthy woman produces approximately 900 ml to 1035 ml of breast milk per day. Meaning, you can sell around five to 10 ounces of breast milk daily – if you are breastfeeding your baby. However, the volume may vary from woman to woman.

There are cases where women only increase the amount of breast milk to make more sales and make money. However, doing so can cause serious harm to your health.
Remember, your breast milk contains nutrients that your body needs as well. Therefore, trying to make more breast milk using different techniques can leave you sick.

Getting Money for Breast Milk

Getting money for your breast milk is different according to your location. Different buyers will add money to your bank or debit card. Some milk-banks issue debit cards while others use PayPal and other services.
You will need to check with the nearest milk bank on how to pay for your breast milk. Usually, women ask to be paid only after one or two months, unless they require immediate cash.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of selling breast milk. Therefore, you have to decide whether you want to sell breast excess milk as a way to earn the extra money or let it run unnecessarily. Therefore, consider all the factors carefully before selling breast milk to make money.

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