Most Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell: 10 Planting Business

Growing plants for profit is a great way to turn your gardening skills into profitable good money. It’s a great idea for most profitable plants to grow and sell them. Generally, people immediately think of green vegetables and lettuce. But the most profitable plants are specialized crops that are not always available in the vegetable garden.

The best part is that most specialty plants can be grown without full-time commitments, with a few hours of free time a week. You too can be a professional producer, there are 10 special Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell them is worth growing:

1. Goji Berry

This “superfood” is mainly grown in China. But this plant is equally well adapted in North America. Organic dried goji berries are regularly sold for $20 and up per pound. The prices of fresh fruit are significantly higher in the farmers’ market. with a yield of up to 7,000 pounds of fresh berries per acre. This could be a lucrative cash crop for American farmers.

Goji berries, a close relative of tomatoes, grow on low bushes. It is disease-resistant and adapted to a wide range of soil and climate conditions. In fact, this plant is so hardy that it is considered an invasive species in some regions of the country. And for proper fruit production Plant one of the more famous varieties, such as ‘Crimson Star’ and ‘Phoenix Tears’ (the named varieties are usually less invasive). This light-harvesting can begin the second year after planting. Although it takes four to five years to mature before it can reach full yields. Planting “bare root” goji bushes (when they are dormant) in late winter will give them a quick start.

2. Grow Flowers for Profit

Flowers If you are looking for a special high-value crop that can generate income in the first year Instead, look for planting flowers for profit. From bulbs, cut flowers to dried flowers, there are almost endless possibilities in the flower business. It’s sometimes called “forever” and it lasts a long time. It doesn’t cost a lot to start growing flowers for profit. Just a few dollars for seeds and equipment. And no need to worry that how to sell plants online. Most small producers find plenty of enthusiastic buyers at Saturday markets in most cities offline too.

3. Bamboo Nursery

Landscape architects and homeowners pay up to $200 for each pot of bamboo. Many manufacturers find it difficult to meet demand. Why is bamboo so popular? It is a versatile plant in the landscape because it can be used as a “sample” plant, hedge, screen, or standalone. Bamboo is more than just a tropical plant, and this is because many cold-tolerant cultivars can handle sub-zero winters. So In the bamboo, business Pots can be used to grow profitable plants worth thousands of dollars in backyard nurseries. And you can use your empty land for the bamboo tree Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell them.

4. Ginseng

The value of this plant is called “Green gold” which is at the roots that grow slowly. Asians have valued ginseng as a medicinal and tonic for thousands of years. And growing ginseng takes 6 years to harvest the mature roots. But most growers wait for the roots to ripen while they are young to “good roots” and generate income from the seeds, still selling them.

In six years, growers can earn up to $100,000 on a half-acre plot from seeds good and mature roots. This is why ginseng has been so highly regarded as a special Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell since the days of George Washington, where its benefits helped fund the freedom struggle with the UK. Ginseng production is possible only in cold regions.

5. Landscaping Trees and Shrubs

Many backyard nurseries are small and successful. Since individual plants can earn as much as $100 in a 5-gallon pot, those who specialize in unique or rare plants and shrubs can charge special prices and still sell out every year. There you can select and search out some of the beautiful landscaping shrubs.  The better ideas are to finding a “niche” that you like and planting varieties and are not commonly found in nurseries. So these are all Profitable Plants to grow and sell at your local markets and also online plant selling portal too.

6. Profitable Cooking Herbs

Herbs Growing the most popular medicinal plants is a great way to start a profitable herbal business. Popular herbs for cooking include basil, chives, coriander, and oregano. Herbs have been used widely for thousands of years and are still gaining in popularity. This is because people seek natural remedies for health concerns. For example, lavender has many medicinal properties and is also a great source of essential oils. Lavender is very popular. There are hundreds of small nurseries that grow only lavender plants. So focus on popular plants to start your herbal business.

7. Gourmet Mushrooms

For those who do not have space in the garden. Mushroom cultivation for profit can be very profitable in a small area. Exotic mushrooms like oysters and shiitake make sense because they can be grown indoors without soil. For example, oysters create about 25 pounds per square foot of growing space during the year.

The current wholesale price is $8 per pound. That translates to more than $17,000 worth of mushrooms from a 10ft x 10ft area. Therefore, small local growers Always have an advantage over distant growers. Oyster mushrooms are available for the first time at the local Saturday market.

8. Saffron

North American Saffron Research and Development Center This is a new project at the University of Vermont. It hopes New England will create a new hotspot for this old Mediterranean herb. Saffron is the most expensive herb in the world, selling for $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per pound. This is mainly due to the fact that it consists of a small stigma.

Resembles the thread of an orange blossom Approximately 50,000 flowers are required to produce 1 pound of dried herbs, although it requires only a quarter acre of land, indicating how profitable the plant is. And it has considered in very expensive profitable plants to grow and sell in the world.

most Profitable-Plants-to-Grow-and-sell

Saffron grows best in dry, mild winter areas such as the California coast. To help expand their potential, the University of Vermont recommends using tall tunnel plants. A simple protective structure made of plastic sheets on a PVC pipe frame. This allows Saffron to grow in many parts of the country. Crocuses are tubers and these are not easily transplanted from seed, so growers plant rhizomes, which are fleshy roots. In this, a list of sources for citrus varieties of crocus tubers suitable for commercial herb production can be found here.

9. Ornamental Leaves of Grass

As ornamental grasses are drought tolerant and low maintenance. Gardeners are increasingly using these grasses as well as homeowners. Because there are hundreds of shapes and sizes. So it can be used for everything from floor coverings to privacy screens, and getting started with ornamental grass growing is easy. Only you just buy the “mother” plant and divide the root clumps into new plants as they grow. By using pots, thousands of plants can be planted in a small backyard nursery. Business idea in weekend days you can start with this is the good profitable plants to grow and sell them.

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10. Medical Marijuana

For growers who have the capital to invest in advanced medicinal cannabis, It’s as profitable as the most profitable company in history. In 2013, Apple made about $4,650 per square foot in sales. And New York state pharmacies can earn anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000 per square foot in the same year.

While the states Follow in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado for more, and the taxation for this crop is figured out by the state. The market price may drop slightly but make no mistake. A 2014 article from Fast Company found that cannabis is the most profitable cash crop in the world. For those in the front till now, the potential income from this controversial plant is immense.

Gardening isn’t just about making money. But doing it occasionally is good. Whether you want to start a new business they generate additional cash flow so this the most profitable plants to grow and sell them


These are the most profitable plants to grow and sell a business that can boost your income. Because these all plants are in high demand every year. But anyone who has or can learn some basic gardening skills can grow it with proper care. These 10 special plants can grow into huge incomes for you. and bring satisfaction to your customers for many years.

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