Top 8 Plagiarism Checking Tools You Must Know About

Mistake-free content is necessary for everyone, be it academicians, politicians, writers, marketers, scientists, or researchers. Clarity of thought, uniqueness, correctness, and formatting are some of the important characteristics of a good write-up. Earlier, it was difficult to proofread blogs or articles due to the absence of grammar and plagiarism checking tools. Now, many online tools are available for this purpose.

People who used to rely on information broadcast only on the channels they got on their cable by Charter Cable or other providers are now also subscribing to their internet service. Why? Because now, the internet has taken over. Data is present on the web in a scattered form. Even if you write something yourself, chances are that somebody may have written something similar before you.

Therefore, a good plagiarism tool will help you identify plagiarized content. All you have to do next is replace it with unique phrases and sentences. Read about the best plagiarism checking tools in the passages below.


Duplichecker is a popular free tool that comes with automation capabilities. Simply paste your content to find out the percentage of plagiarism in a write-up. You can also use Duplichecker to identify spelling and grammar issues. There is no need to sign up since it’s a free service. Wait for a few seconds to let it evaluate the content and share the final results with you. Note that you cannot check content bodies that exceed the 1000-word limit.


Copyleaks is one of the most advanced content checking tools in use today. Use it to get a detailed plagiarism report. For the free version of the service, you will need to create an account. Note that you can only scan 10 pages every month. So, for professional writers and authors, the free version of Copyleaks is not an ideal offer.

The tool comes with the ability to check content over a URL, system file, or plain text. It utilizes AI to detect plagiarism in texts. Subscribe to the paid plans if you want to check a large number of content copies, there are two packages available currently i.e., “Academia and Education” and “Business and Enterprise”. Depending on your requirements, you can select either.


If you’re not looking for very professional Plagiarism Checking Tools, you might as well try PlagScan. It is quite useful for students. The interface is, however, not the most appealing. Also, you will need to sign up to use the service. If you opt for the free trial version, you’ll only be able to perform 20 content scans. There are several options to import content. These include URLs, systems files, and plain text. PlagScan saves the history of all scans you perform. So, you can simply view them by logging into your account.


The agorithmsPlagiarisma uses will aid you in making your blogs plagiarism-free. This tool comes with a powerful search capability that can analyze blogs on Google and Bing in no time. Following this, it can share all specific instances of plagiarism.

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Quetext comes with a user-friendly interface and good capabilities to identify plagiarism in content. Visit the website and paste your content into the dedicated text box. However, you cannot upload files or URLs for scanning purposes, unlike most tools. The report shows problematic content in highlighted form.

Small SEO Tools – Plagiarism Checker

Small SEO Tools come with a ton of features to refine one’s content. The plagiarism checker tool is available for free. You can use it without even signing up on the website. However, there is a word limit of 1000 if you use the service for free. The tool provides a sentence-by-sentence analysis and highlights incidences of plagiarism. Tools such as article rewriter, grammar check, word counter, spell checker, etc., are also available for use on the website.


Plagium is another free plagiarism checking tool. Simply enter the text in the text box to begin checking it. The tool will display the search results below it where you can see all plagiarized sentences.

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports has a user interface that is quite similar to the Small SEO Tools anti-plagiarism tool. You can import content from a URL, system file, or even Google Drive. The tool works well to identify plagiarized content in a write-up.

These are all the plagiarism-checking tools that you can use for free. If you want to check content in bulk, subscribe to their paid packages. Most of these tools come with spelling and grammar checking capabilities as well. Utilize these tools to improve the quality of your content. Plagiarism-free content improves search engine rankings, develops client interest, and promotes a unique presence on the web.

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